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1.3 Million Clubhouse Users’ Information Published


The social media giants have not had a positive week in the past. First from Facebook 533 million The news came that the user’s personal data was stolen and made available to the internet for free, then from LinkedIn 500 million it turned out that the user’s information was sold, and the information of 2 million people was served free of charge as “evidence”.

While the echo of these events, which affected one billion internet users in a week, continued, another news came from Clubhouse, which is the agenda of the last weeks. A user on the popular hacker forum, 1.3 million Clubhouse users published a completely free SQL database.

Stolen information:

No official statement has yet been received from the Clubhouse about the incident. The stolen information of users is listed as follows:

  • User ID
  • Name
  • Photo URL
  • Username
  • Twitter username
  • Instagram username
  • Number of followers
  • Number of people followed by the user
  • Account creation date
  • Name of the profile to which the account was invited

Apart from the names of the users, no other personal data or payment information was encountered among the stolen information. But information is targeted in the future phishing or other social engineering attacks or stealing users’ accounts by trying password combinations.

Although the stolen information does not seem important at first glance, when this data is combined with attacks on different platforms, detailed profiles of potential victims can be created. In such a situation, the victim, more persuasive can be the target of phishing and social engineering attacks. We will continue to inform you as more developments occur about the incident.

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