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18-Year-Old YouTuber Shares His Secrets of Success


At the point where the gaming industry has reached today, playing games has started to be seen as a profession rather than a hobby. So much so that the game they played YouTube and Twitch

There are thousands of content producers posting on platforms such as . Some of these broadcasters are known for providing fun moments to their viewers, while others are known for showing how games can be played better and the tricks in the game.

Here is the 18-year-old who is one of those publishers YouTuber Nate ‘Nexiph’ Evans, is shooting Fortnite-themed videos on his YouTube channel with approximately 530 thousand subscribers. The part that interests us is an interview with Evans, because the YouTuber told the secrets of his success in the game and many more in this interview. Let’s take a closer look at this interview with Nexiph without further ado.

The secrets behind Nexiph’s YouTube success:

Q: It’s been a long time since I started YouTube. When did you first notice real growth on the channel?

There have been multiple channels since 2012, I have probably gone through 4 channels up to this point. However, at the end of 2015, I founded a YouTube channel with 350 subscribers and around 100 views per video. Later, I started playing a new game called ‘Rocket League’ and fell in love with it. I made a lot of Rocket League videos and it took me just 2 weeks to reach over 20,000 views. I had 2,500 subscribers in a month and have been connected to this business ever since.

Q: Was this the moment when you realized that YouTube could become a full time job?

Yes, I noticed that I have had a loyal fan base ever since I consistently posted videos and broadcast live. It was more about taking your time and not giving up, the hardest part. Most people give up but I didn’t and here I am now.

Q: How do you engage viewers with a wide variety of content to choose from?

I think the most important issue for any video is the thumbnail because viewers click if they see a thumbnail that interests them, but if the thumbnail does not stand out, the viewer will never click. I recommend photo editing software to anyone seriously considering entering YouTube. You don’t need anything super, there are many alternatives. You can find it just by doing a little bit of searching.

Also, now is the best time to be on multiple platforms and gain viewers. Share your content on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. Even TikTok is not a very difficult platform to gain followers these days.

Q: How do you keep attracting viewers after you win?

Obviously this goes through the quality of the content. There is always a reason why the viewer clicks on the video because it is intriguing. What will keep them up is how good your content is. Create content that you can watch in person, and most importantly, fun. Don’t get too monotonous, put some energy into your voice or your audience will start to snore.

Q: Let’s say I don’t know how to edit videos, how can I produce quality content?

As with photo editing apps, there are many free video editing apps. If you do enough research, you can get good video quality. Mac users can use iMovie, while Windows users have a lot more options.

Q: Any tips on YouTube algorithm?

No one knows exactly the YouTube algorithm. We YouTubers can only guess which videos will be good. Thanks to the trial and error way, we’re sure the engagement will contribute to which videos the most. Audience retention, watch time, likes, and comments are all taken into account. Therefore, it is necessary to create content that will not only keep people in but also encourage them. Have you ever wondered why all YouTubers constantly ask for likes and comments at the beginning of videos?

Q: How do you set goals for yourself as you grow on YouTube?

I’ve reached 500,000 subscribers and that’s great. My next goal is 1 million, but I also have to make it clear that you need to be realistic in your goals. Setting an unreasonable goal can make you lose motivation after a while. Also, I always write down my goals so I never forget where I want to be. I recommend you do the same.

Q: Isn’t it hard to find video ideas anymore after a certain period of time?

Yes, it can be difficult to stay fit and find more video ideas. You can view content from similar channels on YouTube, but I recommend that you do not copy the content. If you find a great idea, write it down in a notebook and you’ll have a lot of ideas eventually.

Q: Is there one last hint that you say ‘You should definitely know’?

Know that your channel is your brand. Make sure you have a clean profile picture, banner (header image) and other associated images. Make sure you post videos continuously; Treat making videos on YouTube like a profession. There’s a reason many people can’t turn content creation into a full-time job because it’s not as easy as it seems.

Before punctuating our article, let’s also mention that you can access this 18-year-old YouTuber’s channel from this link. Finally, if you have any clues about YouTube, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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