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235 million Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts leaked


As the commitment to technology increases, the demands of people from technology companies are also higher. privacy and more to privacy it’s intended. Companies like Comparitech also offer services in areas such as ensuring the confidentiality of data and cyber security.

Comparitech is now a huge data gap disclosed. Approximate due to an unsecured database 235 million It was stated that Instagram, TikTok and YouTube user profiles were revealed.

Unsecured databases pose a risk

In the past days the dark web cybercrime according to the information revealed in the forums, about 100 thousand vulnerabilities 15 billion login information was stolen. In fact, the hacker who owns this information published 386 million stolen records for free. These data were obtained not by hacking accounts or companies, but by accessing unsecured databases.

Unsecured databases have recently become a serious security problem. For example “ Meow ”attacks thousands unprotected database lament damaged. According to the findings of Comparitech researchers, on August 1, databases full of such vulnerabilities 235 million Instagram, TikTok and YouTube user profiles.

The data is divided into several different sets, and the most striking of them is each. close to 100 million There were sets with the records of the Instagram profile. The third set included data from 41 million TikTok users and about 4 million YouTube users.

User data exposed

Comparitech’s, in the samples examined, at least one of every five accounts found either a phone number or an e-mail address. In the records, the following information at least one featured:

  • Profile name
  • Real name
  • Profile picture
  • Account definition

Also various databases about accounts statistics also included. These statistics were as follows:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Follower increase rate
  • Audience gender
  • Audience age
  • Audience location
  • Likes
  • Last post time
  • Age
  • Gender

When the researchers investigated the source of the leaks, Deep Social

They reached a company called . The group, which previously worked with Facebook and Instagram, but was banned in 2018 for collecting customer data, later declared bankruptcy. Company representatives have their own databases Social Data and deleted after their sinking. Social Data denied this claim.

Disclosure of information can pave the way for attacks, especially phishing. It is not yet known exactly who is affected by the vulnerability.

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