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6 Essential Instagram Tools for a More Interesting Instagram Account


If you’re not bothered with getting fake followers on Instagram, you’re doing it right. These accounts will be deleted over time and your effort will be wasted. In this article, on Instagram real follower

We’ve put together 6 Instagram tools that will help you earn , for example, to save you time when sharing Tweets on Instagram and make your profile page engaging.

Your Instagram account if you want it to be different from others, you can get started from these apps, most of which are free.

1. Splitagram (Web): Create Profile Grid from Photo

Organizing small photo tiles on your Instagram page to make a large photo remains a popular behavior on the social platform. Splitagram makes it easy to create such collages. Splitagram, a web application, can be used over the phone.

Just upload a photo from your photo gallery to Splitagram on the phone. The web app automatically splits this photo into three columns and, if necessary, multiple lines. You can preview how the finished picture will look.

Follow the simple instructions provided by the app to upload the pictures created by Splitagram to Instagram in the correct order.

Splitagram (Web)

2. Koel (Web): Post Tweets to Instagram

When you see a tweet you want to share with your friends on Instagram, don’t just take a screenshot. Twitter’s design can look a little awkward on Instagram, instead you can add some Instagram style to the tweet.

Paste the tweet into Koel and wait for it to load. You have options like hiding answers, likes and retweets. After adding the background color (single color or gradient) that will look more harmonious on Instagram, you can download the picture and upload it to Instagram.

Koel (Web)

3. Vurku (Web) and Downloader for Instagram: Batch Downloading Pictures or Videos

Instagram has an option that allows you to download all your photos and save them on your PC. But if you want to download other people’s images and videos or photos belonging to a hashtag, you can use Vurku and Downloader for Instagram.

Downloader for Instagram can only be used as a browser extension on desktop Chrome, but it’s a better option.

You need to register to use Vurku and in the free version you can see 50 posts in one search.

Vurku (Web)

Downloader for Instagram (extension for Chrome)

4. Insta Tools (Android): Various Tools

Insta Tools includes a range of functions, from downloading Stories to displaying the most popular hashtags, from writing titles with custom font styles to ready-to-use titles. The free app doesn’t bother you with too many ads. It makes it easy to work on posts because it shows a “Share” option while browsing Instagram.

Insta Tools (Android)

5. StoryScroll (Windows and macOS): Convert Web Pages To Scrolling Videos And Share As Stories

In order to share URLs on Instagram, you must have at least 10,000 followers and your account must be verified. However, without them, you can show web pages to your followers using the Stories function.

You are not allowed to add text and change the watermark in the free version. You have to upgrade to the paid version to be able to do these.

Download: StoryScroll Windows, macOS (Free)

6. 1stagram (Web): Find Any Person’s First Post

1stagram (Web)

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