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7 Facts Most of Us Ignore When Rebelling Against WhatsApp


What would you think if we told you that all the actions we make from our smartphones, computers and almost all our technological tools are examined? In recent years data privacy and security issues are the subject of high-level courts, social media and Google You may feel depressed when you hear how unsafe even our calls are, but in the world of technology, there is nothing that is not actually followed.

In this journey that we will start step by step, we will tell you how we declare ourselves more visible and which information we share more. How our user actions is categorized and, with machine learning

Let’s examine that has become open to ads and data sales.

# 1. Records kept with your Google Account:

Actually, let’s start from our favorite point. No matter what platform you use, Google keeps your browser data regularly, even on a computer where you log in anonymously. Google ID labels all users as ”. If your computer, smartphone or other smart device Gmail If your accounts are open, you become the favorite user type. your unique id ”. You are now a single user and are forever known for being in sync across all your devices. Google knows what you like, what you eat and drink. YouTube

The searches you make on , the music style you listen to, the videos you watch, the websites you visit and all your interests artificial intelligence is starting to run. In fact, you’ve already lost your most private information.


Google won’t stop tagging them even if you enable an option like Do Not Track on . You continue to have this experience under the name of “personalized experience”. Of course, even more bottom part is this; When you “click on an ad and make a purchase when you search on Google”, you become a more valuable user on Google. Let’s say you didn’t click on any ad and went shopping on a website, that site’s Google ADS and Google Analytics

Due to the use of , your data to Google by “becoming the target audience of the ads” is this time sent by the site owners. “Well, what would happen if this data was taken?” You might say, but actually you have an “identification number” made up of random numbers and letters and you are being watched.

# 2. Browser add-ons:

First Google Chrome

Many of the browser extensions used, including , are observing your user data. Most of the actions you make under the name of personalization are processed. Therefore, in fact again “ can be detected ”you are. What permissions do you give in the browser add-ons you download in order to make your work easier? Have you ever followed?


Even the stored browser data keeps data about your market habits. Although you are an anonymized user, for example; “Cat food was searched 8789 times a month in Turkey” data is drawn from this anonymized data. Of course there are plugins that keep this data anonymized. Therefore, it is beneficial to pay attention to what and how you use it. also Instagram video and story Note that there has been a rapid hacking wave of download plugins lately.

# 3. Social media apps: How much we love customizing our profile, right?

Our profiles opened on social media customizing we love it, right? Every detail we enter becomes traceable by many platforms. We provide both the platform on which we created this profile and data that can be tracked by others. The more we customize our profile, the more categorizable we become. Thanks to the bots that regularly scan these sites, we actually share a lot of information about ourselves “photo matches” even becomes feasible. However, we will examine this in a moment.

Personalized profiles can be categorized more easily in the field of advertising and marketing, and turn into an incredible data sharing point for our personal data. Imagine all social media

On platforms, you add your account on each platform to the biography section. A little Google

Even with a search for , you are actually very easily detectable. Someone just needs to search your profile link on the social media platform.

# 4. Sharing your every moment on every platform

  • The places you go
  • The food you eat
  • Friends you meet
  • The music you are listening to
  • Your hobby

Sharing has already prevented you from being anonymous. for example Instagram

Imagine that you have shared all of this data on but your profile is a “private profile”. You missed this data from X in the street, but now Facebook INC has become data and AI has already “tagged” you.

Social media

One of the things users often do on platforms is to share every moment on social media. If you are a user in search of anonymity, when you do this, you are actually sharing a lot of information about yourself. When you connect these platforms, it is not only the relevant social media platform that follows, but Google etc. You are logging into the radars of giants like. Likewise, when you enter social media via the browser, not through the application, 1. You are entering the search field in the article.

# 5. Tagging everywhere we go

This must be one of the biggest mistakes we make. Anonymity One of the most distributing topics is place tags. If you try a little, you can create your “location chart” thanks to your labels. For a period there was even an application just for this. An application that is not known to whom the data is sent to you your travel and roaming route.

Because of these tagging, you become categorized users. For example; When a company that wants to advertise marks coffee lovers, if you are someone who goes for coffee you are included in the ad audience. Of course, sharing your location information with applications makes you markable in this regard. In this way, you often become targeted users in location-targeted ads.

# 6. Face changing apps are also not innocent at all

Perhaps this is one of our favorite and darkest topics on this subject. People’s most important information is their faces and fingerprints. Facebook INC. automatically recognizes faces, automatic contacts tagging

When he activated the feature , it had a serious reaction, especially in Europe and the USA. Of course still Facebook activated this update, but thanks to the time change, people fell into the network of face swap apps.

Based on artificial intelligence face scanning and replacement programs Have you ever checked for what purpose they keep the data? Many conspiracy theories can be made up about what purposes your facial analysis can be used for, but we never hesitate to constantly share our most valuable privacy piece with strange practices. We are actually publishing open to many companies about how you will look when we get old.

# 7. Illegal game and software use

Data privacy

This must be one of the most dangerous steps of issues. If you are using illegal games or software, your computer is already a botnet may have been the server. Perhaps a lot of your data is already in the hands of malicious software developers.

A similar concept of this situation is in downloading illegal applications. Every application you download to your smartphones from unsafe application sites has a serious effect on your data privacy. threat. Even if you do not give any permission to the application, you do not have any idea about what will happen to you. You should realize that you are swimming in very risky and dangerous waters.

Result: If you try to stay anonymous but your friends don’t, you still can’t stay anonymous.

No matter how careful you are about all the above items, whenever any of your friends shares data about you, anonymity you’re leaving. We can say that a friend who labels himself with you is actually breaking the whole secret. Unfortunately on the internet “ with your real personality ”It is actually quite difficult to remain truly anonymous.

Today Wayback Machine

Even because of the web archive tool called , the profiles you have opened but closed before are detectable and visible. Digital so many content in the world cannot actually be deleted. This is personally useful for you to reconsider how hidden you actually are.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think there is a way to be 100% anonymous? Please indicate in the comments.

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