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8 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Followers


Social media is now almost at the center of our lives. Now, we are in this world not only to share our sorrow, joy and entertainment instantly, but also to get news.

If we have things we want to tell people personally and if we want to reach more people through social media, there are some things we need to do. Although increase social media followers

The idiom is a bit outdated, but still remains important. Moreover, increasing the number of followers is a great benefit not only for individual users but also for corporate users.

You can find experts in this business on every platform you have your hands on, but the structure of social media has become a bit old and outdated term as well. By the way, it really does its job right and it’s no junk to increase social media followers There are also individuals and companies. Today, we have put together suggestions that those people and companies often repeat.

Building your personal or corporate social media brand is not as easy as it might seem. luck factor

The effect is 1 in a million like the numerical lottery. We are in an age where even gaining followers by bickering with Demet Akalın on Twitter is getting old. So we start from the basics of everything, fasten your belts.

Ways to gain organic followers on social media:

  • How to choose the right social media platform?
  • How is competitor analysis done, is it necessary?
  • How to build personal branding and “authenticity”?
  • How do you share posts that hit the target at 12 and keep a pulse?
  • Is it important to connect with effective accounts?
  • How effective is the use of hashtags?
  • Is it necessary to advertise for a fee?
  • Is it possible to communicate with followers organically?

How to choose the right social media platform?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn. . . There are plenty of options. In order to create a successful social media account, you must first determine the style of the content you will produce and then choose a platform that will suit those content. Actually an extremely simple inference, but Instagram will meet your needs for visual posts and Twitter for text-heavy (microblog) posts.

If you want to be recognized by the business world, you can create a profile on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn’s blog corners on sectoral content and agenda. Although it is possible to not share images and articles on almost every platform, h that each of them is used for different purposes. Remember.

We said Instagram for short videos or visual-based posts. Of course, you can use Youtube for long videos. 2.5 billion users Facebook is not as popular as it used to be is still the right address for effective posts. Because, although the number of users decreases with the updates, the usage times continue to increase.

It may not seem important, but every social media platform a unique style and there are special content that users of that platform enjoy. In order to reach the audience you want to address from the right place, you should choose the target audience and the type of sharing correctly, and use the most appropriate social media platform.

How is competitor analysis done, is it necessary?

Many social media platforms have been with us for many years. For this reason, many of your competitors, both personally and corporate, may have already reached high points. What you have to do is with you similar content sharing is to examine the accounts of the users and try to solve their strategies. During these analyzes, seeing the pros and cons of the competitors allows you to reach their audience.

Of course, the competition must be conducted in a professional manner, not aggressive. One-on-one sharing with a competitor’s social media account, the same strategies or ordinary steps that do not reveal your difference will neither put you ahead of your competitor nor individual success will allow you to capture. You can also create tables for competitive analysis and take notes continuously.

How to build personal branding and “authenticity”?

In your social media account, you should create your own or your company’s unique style, some kind of identity. For this, it is one of the most successful examples in the social media world. Netflix. You ask why? Because the posts made by Netflix are not made by a company, but by an ordinary user who watches a series of movies like crazy. So when you see Netflix on social media, you first think of a person, not high buildings, corporate buildings.

If your goal is to create your personal brand, we can say that it is a bit easier because companies also go the way of personalization. Your profile picture, cover photos, your language and sincerity in the posts are very important for the followers. Social media is a place where tons of bullshit and artificial agendas are popular, remember. Consistent sincerity always wins.

Apart from the images, the style you use in your texts should always be consistent and suitable for your identity. By using a self-righteous, comfortable style in a post; using a serious style with you in another post, social media will confuse your followers and it will make it difficult for them to understand exactly what style you have.

How do you post that hits the target at 12 and keeps a pulse?

Think of each post as an advertisement that promotes yourself or your company. No advertisement directly promotes the product, always tells a story to the product and to influence through that story purposes. Whichever social media platform you are on, you need to base each post on a story instead of giving a direct message.

In this regard, a world-known 70 – 20 – 10 rule there is. According to this rule, a share you make to your target audience about yourself or your company should add value to the time of the user who sees it by 70%, offer him a new idea by 20%, and directly introduce you or your company at 10%.

The user who sees your sharing should offer a feeling that will add value to the moment such as comedy, drama, horror, instill a different idea that was previously overlooked or loved by the public at that time, and besides, never unobtrusively should talk about yourself or your company; You should ensure that the user has a connection between your brand, the feeling you are making, and the idea you instill.

Thanks to the live broadcast feature available on many social media platforms, you can instantly share your posts that will attract the attention of your followers. Non-instant time of your posts is a situation that completely changes according to your target audience. The platform you use will provide you with your sharing analysis. In line with the analysis, you should organize your future social media strategies.

Is it important to connect with effective accounts?

Let’s say you opened a new social media account and nobody knows you. Shares similar to yours about new emotions and ideas that you need to present to your users in your posts, with effective social media accounts

You can contact . Instead of sponsor agreements, you can first tag them in your posts and make them noticed by mentioning them in your comments.

Like interviews with influential people with your style You can participate in different events. So that you can reach the people you want to connect with in the social media environment first in the real world.

If it is difficult to reach large accounts, don’t worry, micro accounts can help you. There are people who have accounts addressing people on every subject on social media where the phenomenon is creeping. The number of followers can be 10, 20, 30 thousand, do not care, reach them, let them see the content you produce.

How effective is the use of hashtags?

Hashtag, through the word or sentence added after the # sign, all content on one page allows it to be viewed. You can easily reach other social media users who are interested in your posts on your platform by using hashtags suitable for your posts and the style of your page.

When using hashtags, you should be careful about what purpose you use it. Thanks to some hashtags, not relevant You can reach accounts that require mutual interaction. However, in order to reach users who have a special interest in your posts, you should choose point-to-point hashtags that other users will search for instead of general hashtags.

Using multiple hashtags might not seem chic, so you can use hashtags that are correctly placed inside the post text. If you are determined to use more than one hashtag side by side, leaving a space,

Using without distraction will look much more visually elegant and allow your followers to focus on your actual sharing.

Is it necessary to give paid advertising for corporate accounts?

To reach your target audience fastest and gain followers on social media platforms most preferred

One of the methods is paying advertising. You can advertise your account and product on all social media platforms at very affordable prices. You can reach the right users by specifically selecting the target audience you want your ad to see.

By determining the right target audiences on Facebook and Instagram, you can place ads that will be shown as many days as you want. At the same time, you can appeal to much more people with the ads that will appear in the Discover and Story sections of Instagram. Based on Facebook and Instagram more affordable price The ads you post on Twitter with video, where you can advertise, will receive more interaction than ads consisting only of text.

Your YouTube advertisements to your posts in suitable videos

You can make it appear . In order to skip the advertisement in Youtube videos, you must catch the ad view within the 5 seconds given to the user. You can reach people who have the right interactions in the business world with your advertisements on LinkedIn.

Is it possible to communicate organically with followers?

You should continue to work diligently to protect the followers you have gained as a result of successful strategies on social media. People who follow you or your company’s social media account will like your posts, comment or send you a message. However, the way to achieve this is to establish organic interactions and spend time for followers.

On social media, a social account manager is important. worldwide has millions of followers

Even accounts respond to comments made to their posts, replying messages in their own unique style. Thus, your followers connect by seeing the account they follow as their relatives or friends.

These are the 8 tricks you need to apply to reach the right target audience and the number of followers you dream of on social media. Your social media account always up to date, keep in touch with your followers, follow new trends and evaluate competitor analysis well.

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