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9 Websites Where You Can Find Royalty Free Music


The number and type of videos we see on social media have increased, as almost all mobile phone cameras can shoot 4K videos and video editing can be done easily even through a simple mobile application. In these videos using royalty-free music is extremely important. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have strict copyright controls enforced.

royalty-free music

A video that you do not use can be unpublished, your account may be closed, and even if the copyright owner wishes, he can even sue you for infringement. To avoid such a situation, like classical music can use royalty-free music or royalty-free music

By subscribing to platforms that offer , you can use the music here. We’ve listed the 9 best websites where you can find royalty-free music for you.

Websites for royalty-free music:

  • Envato Elements
  • Musicbed
  • Artlist. io
  • Audiojungle
  • Premium Beat
  • Audioblocks
  • Epidemic Sound
  • FyrFly
  • Soundstripe

Envato Elements

It is one of the websites with the largest royalty-free music archive in the internet world. Found in Envato Elements 2. More than 3 million

You have the right to download royalty-free music and sound effects as many times as you want. Music you can use on social media platforms with a monthly subscription fee of 16.50 USD; If you want to use it in areas such as radio, cinema and television, you have to negotiate a different fee.


Musicbed is one of the prominent platforms with its high quality music. Thanks to the advanced search system of Musicbed, which does not have a very large archive compared to other websites, music you will like

You will find . The subscription prices of the site, which is especially appealing to filmmakers and professional music editors, range from $ 9 to $ 89 per month.

Arltist. io

According to other sites, Artlis is one of the platforms that has recently entered the world of royalty-free music. io, which is extremely simple and convenient

It draws attention with its interface. You can easily find the music or video you are looking for thanks to its advanced filtering system. The site, which is a rich resource especially for professional video editors, has a monthly subscription fee of 16.60 Euros.


You can access over 1 million royalty-free music and sound effects created by many different musicians and sound engineers on the Audiojungle website. According to the price determined by the manufacturer starting at $ 1 You can buy music and sound effects on the site for a fee, or you can choose a fixed subscription package instead and add the music to the videos you will share on any platform.

Premium Beat

Owned by Shutterstock, one of the most popular stock photography sites, the Premium Beat royalty-free music platform has a rich archive especially for professional video editors. Since the music on the site is highly professional productions, the minimum fee for each song starts at $ 49. Without a monthly subscription system After purchasing the music on the site, you can add it to the videos you will share on any platform.


On Audioblocks, the music download platform of Videoblock company, you can find music in a more traditional style compared to other sites. The site has a simple and useful interface. Country type music and sound effects on nature. Thanks to the advanced search system of the site, you can easily access the music you are looking for. Audioblocks’ annual subscription fee is set at 127 Euros.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is one of the most used music download platforms by youtubers around the world. You can find more than 30 thousand music and more than 60 thousand sound effects on the site. In any song you can buy from the daily updated music list there will be no license problem. The subscription fee of the site varies between 13 Euros and 125 Euros depending on the number of Youtube followers.


The platform, which has been serving under the name Songfreedom for a long time, has recently updated its name as FyrFly. Maroon 5, Bob Dylan

Platform with songs by known names such as “Artists supporting artists …”

It works with the motto . Appealing to professional video editors, the site draws attention with its special sound effects. FyrFly’s monthly subscription fee is set at $ 60.


The Soundstripe royalty-free music platform stands out with the highest quality music you can find. Every month, between 150 and 250, the music library is constantly updated. new music is added. This works well for video editors who are constantly in production. The annual subscription fee of the Soundstripe platform, which is supported by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Tesla, is 115 Dollars.

We’ve listed the top 9 websites where you can find high-quality royalty-free music with the largest archives in the internet world. Many sites on the list free trial periods. Using these free trial periods, you have the chance to try it out before choosing the site to subscribe to. If you are a subscriber of one of the platforms on the list, you can share your experience in the comments.

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