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Activities You Can Do With Friends With Discord


The coronavirus has been eroding our lives and humanity in many ways since the beginning of 2020. As if the fear of the disease and financial negativities are not enough, the coronavirus keeps us well away from our loved ones. With bans that will start on April 29, 2021 together, you can try different ways to socialize at this time when we can’t get out of the house for 17 days.

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How can you join Discord?

Discord is available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows, depending on the device you are using free app

You can reach it by downloading . After downloading the application, you can search for a server to join or become a member of the server by accepting an invitation. On servers, you can communicate with other members through different options such as text, audio, video talk, and sharing computer screens.

A single user can participate maximum number of servers 100 for now. You can also turn off or turn on notifications from servers you join, depending on how often you use the server. The maximum number of people a server can host is 500,000.

With your friends on Discord, you can:

  • Listen to music together
  • Share your game with your friends
  • Watch movies together
  • Organize parties
  • Work with colleagues or schoolmates
  • You can socialize by meeting new people
  • You can integrate Discord with other applications

You can listen to music together

During your conversations with multiple bots to add to your Discord server same music with your friends at the same time you can listen. Since muting and unmute the bot will be entirely in your hands, each user can also adjust the music accordingly.

In line with your settings, Discord may stop Spotify if you use your microphone in voice chat for more than 30 seconds while listening to Spotify in the background.

You can share your game with your friends

Screen sharing, which was not available in its early versions, is a feature that has been used quite a lot since it came to Discord. On days when we can’t get together with our friends and play games in the same room, our friends sitting in your own rooms and playing games You can watch it from Discord room.. This feature, which was previously only available in the Windows version, is now also available in macOS, browser and mobile versions.

In the room where you can watch your friends while playing the game, you can also talk to your friends simultaneously. Thus, you can meet your friends and longing for the days that you play games together.

You can watch movies together

Using Discord’s screen sharing feature, you can broadcast not only the image but also the audio to your friends. In this way, you can share the movies or videos you watch with your friends and make comments on them together.

Discord in its pure form 480 and 720p

in 15 or 30 FPS while allowing you to broadcast, you will get to your server Discord Nitro subscription with these rates 1080p and 60 FPS

You can also shoot to .

You can work with your colleagues or colleagues

Regardless of work or school, people often work alone. They may have trouble concentrating. This can be a little more difficult, especially if we are trying to work in our home, our comfort zone.

In these periods when we cannot go to work or school, remote working people long for an office, and distance students long for a library environment. By setting up your own rooms on Discord or joining servers set up for this purpose only You can both work and socialize with others.

You can throw parties with video chat.

Normally, we can come together with our friends and do almost all the activities we do on Discord. Although it does not taste the same, you can contact your friends via Discord. video talking parties, you can open music suitable for you with Discord bots.

You can also play party games on Discord as you will be video chatting.

You can socialize by meeting new people

Instead of just spending time with your own friends on Discord You can also meet new people. The app is considered the best app for gamers in terms of giving its users a sense of community. You can find Discord communities thriving on topics that everyone loves, without exception.

You can integrate Discord with other applications

Discord is an app with some built-in integration with other leading social media apps. To unlock integration, you can link your Twitch, YouTube, Blizzard Entertainment, Skype, League of Legeds, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Xbox Live accounts to your Discord account. In this way, you can create game parties by seeing the movements of your attached friends on these platforms.

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