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Alcohol restrictions came to Facebook and Instagram!


Facebook and Instagram advertisers became his most preferred platforms. You can reach millions of people in a short time by advertising on a Facebook or Instagram page with a high audience.

However, some precautions are taken due to the exploitation of this potential by malicious people. Especially when users complain about advertisements given by scammers, alcohol and its products

A decision has been made regarding .

Facebook and Instagram have age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco!

Within the scope of the rule, which was put into effect by Facebook and also affects Instagram, it will be shown only to people aged 18 and over from now on. This prohibition includes the sale of products on both platforms and even the giveaways of them by sweepstakes.

This means that individuals under the age of 18 will not be allowed to be involved in matters related to alcohol and tobacco. While Facebook Groups were informed about this new decision, sales of tobacco and alcohol were not allowed in the Facebook Market anyway.

While some exceptions are offered to businesses that continue their existence by trying to sell these products directly on the platforms, it is stated that the increase in demand for electronic cigarettes in the USA has a great effect on making this decision.

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