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Are social media influencers today’s billboards?


Social media influencers changed the world of marketing and public relations as we know it. As their numbers grow and continue to gain trust among their followers, they have become an important factor in reaching consumers by brands. We are in the age of influencer marketing, that is, effective marketing.

Bassam Aseel, managing director of marketing firm Nine71, says influencer marketing reaches far more people than its traditional counterparts.

Aseel said, “Let’s say we have run a rotating advertisement on television screens for a month. You can use a social media phenomenon that will reach the same number of people in a shorter time and at a lower price. ROI is data that shows you the return of your investment. Influencer marketing 11 times than traditional marketing efforts. it provides a better return on investment, ”he says.

Brands are preparing to spend 13.4 billion euros on influencer campaigns as of 2022. 79 percent of marketers prefer Instagram to other platforms.

Brands are turning to ‘niche’ influencers There are two main categories for influencers: “reach” defines those with a large audience, and “niche” defines those with smaller but more specific and interactive followers.

Brands are now interested in more niche influencers like kids, micro-influencers or even virtual influencers, beyond big names like the Kardashians.

Dubai is known as the center of influencers. Its young population, whose average age is 33, is very active on social media. This means that influencer marketing is extremely effective here.

In the BPG Group’s 2019 survey in the United Arab Emirates, 72 percent of respondents said they bought a product or ate somewhere after hearing from an influencer.

71 percent of the respondents stated that they tried a service after an influencer mentioned it, and 57 percent stated that they traveled to a certain place.

“Influencer’s proximity to the brand is extremely important.” Bulgari MEA regional manager Vincent Reynes said, “What do you pay attention to when partnering with a social media influencer?” “Closeness to the brand and the DNA of the brand is extremely important to us. For this reason, we always compare the number of followers, likes, etc. when choosing. At the same time, we look at the quality of the platform they work on. And of course also their personality.”

It is also important for influencers to be selective about which brand to highlight.

Influencer Arabella Daho says she usually works with brands she trusts. Daho states that he does not want to include false information in its content.

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Social media phenomenon Jess Hardy says, “I’m looking at how they treat their consumers. And so you know their ethical understanding and what they’re defending.”

Now that social media has become the billboard of the 21st century, users can expect brands to find more creative ways to reach them through the influencers they follow.

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