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Blocking Political Ads on Facebook is Now Possible


Social media platforms are the most practical way to keep up with the agenda for many users. Social media platforms, which offer the opportunity to access information from dozens of different sources at the same time and to be included in the agenda by expressing ideas ‘freely’, unfortunately, also where the greatest polarizations occur.

Facebook also made an important decision on this matter and introduced a new feature that allows its users to prevent such political content from appearing in front of them. This feature, which was previously used during the presidential election period in the USA, is now in more than 90 regions around the world is now available.

With the new feature, users will be able to block political ads:

This new feature, which Facebook has made available worldwide after the US presidential election application, is currently only for blocking ads with political content

It works as . Even though there is no agenda yet as to whether similar content from other users can be blocked with a larger elimination in the future, it is possible to say that even this is a very important step.

Facebook states that the reason behind this step is the feedback it receives from its users. The vast majority of users all over the world, according to Facebook ‘wanted to see less’ ads with political content. Evaluating this feedback, Facebook also decided to provide this freedom to its users.

With the introduction of the feature, it is expected that the polarization environment and insulting discussions that can easily occur on social media platforms will decline a little. However, this feature is also the reason why people who are fed with resources only from their own opinions. less frequent content that offers different points of view is also thought-provoking as it brings the possibility. We will see how the feature will create an effect together in the upcoming period.

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