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Facebook allows you to export posts and notes to other platforms


Facebook In the last days of 2019, it allowed users to export their photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr, but there was no option for text-based content transfer. The social media platform has introduced two new types of data portability that will help users transfer their posts and grades directly.

Aims to increase the number of platforms

Social media, Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress if you want to transfer your text posts elsewhere. com offers options. Under the heading ‘Facebook Information’ on the platform, the feature ‘

Transfer a Copy of Information

Access is provided with .

To protect data, Facebook asks users to re-enter their password before the transfer begins. While data is transferred between Facebook and the other service, it is encrypted to ensure security and privacy.

The company’s blog post stated that it plans to allow you to move more types of data to different platforms in the future: “The ecosystem we have built to support data portability will not be expanded without a regulation that explains what data needs to be made portable and who is responsible for protecting the data after it is transferred. and we hope that talks with experts on these issues can help move forward. “

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