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Facebook Announces Revamping Pages Feature


on the Facebook blog renewed with a share made Facebook Pages features introduced. Creating a community of well-known people and producers in Facebook, blog post, business stated that it has switched to a simpler structure to achieve its goals.

New pages design many different innovation, when we look generally, the purpose of the company is that businesses and well-known people are to communicate more conveniently appears to be providing and offering ease of administration.

Here’s what’s new in Facebook Pages

According to Facebook’s blog share, the innovations that come to the renewed pages feature are as follows:

  • Renewed design: a simpler and more intuitive design was preferred.
  • Dedicated News Feed: Pages will now be their own news source, where they will be able to see news about their other partners and followers.
  • Easy navigation: It will be easier for people to switch between their profiles and pages.
  • Advanced task-based admin controls: It will be possible to give full or partial responsibility to the managers.
  • Recommendations with action: It will provide more relevant notifications.
  • Security and compliance features: It will help eliminate unwanted content, fake users and counterfeits.

Thanks to the new design, users are much more with a simple interface. The followers of the pages will also be able to see information such as biography more easily. In addition, the comments made by the pages are in the comments section. at the top, it will be possible to follow the page from these comments.

Likes are replaced by followers

In the new period, the likes on the pages are followers. Rather than like it anymore Instagram

Similar to , the number of followers will stand out. Thus, the administrators of the pages will be able to appeal to a more interested and focused target audience.

Also with the followers of the pages interaction, which aims to increase Facebook, text-based question and answer activities will also allow. While page management tools will be diversified, more advanced control systems will be used for security. The feature will be available to all users in the coming months.

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