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Facebook announces that it has reached its goal of using 100 percent renewable energy


Social media giant Facebook announced through its official blog page, renewable energy to strengthen target reached explained.

The company thus 22 April Earth Day approaching, now fully powered by renewable energy sources and to net zero emission has officially announced that it has arrived.

Facebook meets its renewable energy targets in 2018. in three years has become one of the world’s largest buyers of renewable energy.

8 billion dollars investment in 63 projects

The company is in 18 states and five countries 6 gigawatts has managed to achieve its goals by making more than wind and solar energy contracts. Founder of social networking site Mark Zuckerberg also shared his feelings on the issue.

Making a statement via his Facebook account, Zuckerberg as the company wind and solar energy

63 projects for the production of $ 8 billion that they invest and to tens of thousands of people stated that they provide employment.

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