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Facebook closes Venezuelan President’s account



Information pollution about is growing by the day. Social media companies that want to prevent this situation interfere with accounts that spread false information. Incorrect shared information is either marked as untrustworthy or the sharing account is closed. Has a similar information policy Facebook, President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro

He closed the account of . Company 58

The year old President accused people of misleading people.

Facebook blames Venezuela’s president


According to the news of Facebook, Venezuelan President NicholasMaduro ‘

He closed the account of . The company cited the sharing as a reason for this situation. The posts in question violate the information policies of the social media giant. Maduro, on Facebook account Covid-19 and was sharing a drug with “miraculous” effects against and advising people to use it.

Venezuelan President: Nicholas Maduro


Some videos of promoting the drug made with ingredients obtained from thyme have also been removed from the social media platform. President in the video, the medicine “miraculous” and “a medical breakthrough”. However, the drug in question is not supported by the medical community. Many doctors claim that the drug can treat the virus. “lie” and “dangerous” announced what they found.

Actually, this is not the President’s first claim. Maduro, came up with similar claims last year. Twitter

In his statements on , COVID-19

He shared a “beer” that claimed could “eliminate infectious genes”. But immediately after Twitter, had to remove the shared posts. After the last event Facebook, Venezuela leader’s account announced that they will keep it closed for 30 days.

Purpose safe information

Especially Covid-19

Social media companies trying to prevent the spread of false information about are not even making an exception to country leaders. One of these companies Facebook, has taken some steps in this regard with the onset of the pandemic. The social media giant works with many independent verification platforms to flag false and suspicious information.

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