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‘Facebook Creator Studio’ Has Arrived On Mobile Platforms


Introduced to users a while ago Facebook Creator Studio provided great convenience to page administrators. People who supported their work on Facebook had the opportunity to work more easily on social media with this feature. The panel, which provides deep insight and control over posts and page statistics, has been available on desktop platforms until now, but Facebook has taken a new step to give the feature a wider range of uses.

Creator Studio, which makes desktop users love itself in a short time, is also to make life easier for people who run their business on mobile platforms. iOS and to Android was introduced. The application is now App Store and Google Play Store

Available for download from .

Important functions of the application:

Creator Studio application, the posts shared on the page views, likes, watch time statistics presents to the user. The application, which gives the user the opportunity to easily edit the posts, allows to schedule posts and delete overdue posts.

Facebook Creative Studio also gives you the chance to manage multiple pages. Thus, you can easily switch between pages and the status of the pages can be easily checked over the phone. The application provides constant communication between the administrators and followers of the page. The owner of the page can check and reply to the comments sent to the posts or the messages sent to the page.

Provides constant information about Pages:

One of the most notable features of Facebook Creative Studio contributing to page growth is custom app notifications. In situations that can be considered as milestones for pages such as reaching a certain number of likes or followers, the application instantly sends a notification to the user about the situation. In-game achievements

These notifications, which look like , provide the user with up-to-date information about the page as well as encouraging the user to enlarge the page. You can download the application from the links below according to the operating system of your mobile device.

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