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Facebook Hit The Button For Content Developers To Earn More


Facebook, seeks to open new ways for content developers to monetize their content on the platform. The fundamental change is to short videos and stories where content developers can now monetize. to allow. In addition, after the successes seen last year, the number of developers allowed to monetize their content will also be increased.

From 2019 to 2020, the number of people earning $ 10,000 a month increased by 88%, and those who earned $ 1,000 a month increased 94%, according to the social media firm. It is certain that this expansion of Facebook will be an important source of income for many people, as the epidemic affects many people financially and will likely continue to affect.

Prior to this new update, ads were only available on videos for three minutes or longer; It was starting 45 seconds later. Now, ads can be played in the middle of videos that are as short as a minute, and Facebook least annoying “says it will be the way.

Facebook aims to test sticker ads in stories and says it will recruit a small group of content developers for it. These stickers will stay on the user’s screen without interrupting the story watched, and if used properly, they will not be obstructive. Although test groups will be small in the coming weeks, Facebook wants more content developers to take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition to providing revenue for short videos, Facebook will also make improvements to the stars that followers can send to content developers. Six billion stars have been sent in the past six months, which is about 60 million dollars revenue means. Facebook will give free stars to followers, developers, to increase the awareness of the stars, and the firm spends $ 7 million for this initiative.

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