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Facebook Is Criticized For The Kids-Only Instagram Version


In the past weeks, Facebook’s ‘Instagram’ safer place for kids news has emerged that he is working on a new Instagram version to do. The emergence of information about this new version, known as Instagram Youth or Instagram for Kids, brought serious discussions.

Actually, what Facebook said is that this new version Children under 13 years of age It will be a kind of safe zone to prevent abuse cases, free from the negativities it may encounter on Instagram. However, of course, it is necessary to look at the situation from another point.

The shaken trust in Facebook is reflected here as well:

As you know, the last few years, especially for Facebook, data privacy and security

It was painful about . Facebook, which has lost the general trust in this issue, is now trying to rebuild this trust for both WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, but this has not been fully achieved yet. When it comes to the data, privacy and security of children under the age of 13, Facebook is not a very reliable name.

What data will be collected on Instagram for children or whether there will be ad impressions

It is not possible to reach a clear decision at this point, as all of the questions such as are still unanswered. Perhaps Facebook will offer its kids Instagram application as a paid / ad-free version and will be able to play their cards open and gain confidence in the data to be collected, but it is hard to guess right now.

Protection of children’s psychology is also an important question mark:

There are dozens of studies that investigate the negative effects of Instagram on adult psychology and reveal how it causes annoying consequences on human psychology with the false perception of reality it creates. For exactly this reason, this is another question mark about Instagram for kids;

How will affect the psychology of children?

Because Instagram will continue to be Instagram even if it is for children; children will share photos and their wonderful lives they will present. And it is not difficult to predict how this will leave an impression on child psychology.

Despite all these question marks and the general view that doesn’t look too good on the eye, Facebook seems not to give up on this new version of Instagram. About the application as there is not much detail yet It is not possible to make definitive judgments. So we’ll wait for Facebook to share new information and see what happens.

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