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Facebook Leak Also Found Data of Zuckerberg


Social media giant Facebook, which is frequently brought up with security vulnerabilities, data breaches and privacy problems, was involved in a similar incident recently. After the new data leak, the information of more than half a billion users was leaked, and this information was shared free of charge on a low-level hacker forum.

It is reported that the information released after the data leak includes phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birthdays, bio information and e-mail addresses. 32 million of the disclosed users live in the USA, 11 million in the UK and 6 million in India.

Among the leaked information was that of Mark Zuckerberg:

According to security expert Mikko Hypponen, among the information leaked after the data breach Owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. CEO’s Facebook ID the security expert who stated that it was 4; He says that he does not have a user ID between 0-3, ID 5 is Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, and ID 6 belongs to Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.

Other early Facebook users and ID numbers on the list, Hypponen claims, are as follows:

  • ID 11 Soleio Soleio
  • ID 27 Colin Kelly
  • ID 74 Daniel Mejia
  • ID 86 Jason Wen
  • ID 87 Emily Hurd
  • ID 102 Alex Lee
  • ID 104 Amy Ng
  • ID 139 Jeff Winer
  • ID 158 Teresa Grado
  • ID 185 Zach Seward
  • ID 210 Adam Levine
  • ID 287 Peter Buttigieg

Hypponen also everyone on the list phone number underlines that he was involved in the leak and that Mark Zuckerberg was also included.

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