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Facebook Released Advertising Film For iPhone Users


We have known for a long time that many social media platforms such as Facebook offer special advertisements to users. Facebook, which offers different ads according to geographical, demographic conditions and users’ interests, To criticize Apple’s new privacy policies started, to Apple on the grounds that it harms small businesses made the charges.

According to Apple’s new privacy policy, users can grant special permissions on which application can use which data. Wanting to get rid of this obstacle, Facebook has released a new commercial that aims to encourage users to see personalized ad campaigns. Wanting small businesses to regain their losses, Facebook “good ideas deserve to be discovered” published under the slogan name.

The number of dislikes in the video is quite high

Before Apple’s privacy agreement, applications could start collecting data directly as soon as users accepted their privacy agreement. Apple, this contract is not enough, and with the iOS 14.3 update, it allowed users to control their data on the basis of the application.

Facebook, on the other hand, that such a policy directly affects the small business advertisements in the applications, small businesses will suffer from this had stated. The company’s newly released commercial also directly addresses this damage, but we are not quite sure whether Facebook is really doing this campaign for the benefit of small businesses or for their own benefit.

The comments feature was turned off after the video was posted, and when we look at the video right now that the dislike number is way ahead of the like number we see. Apparently, many people think that Facebook is sharing this ad campaign for their own benefit.

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