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Facebook Removes Like Button On Pages


Social media giant Facebook, new Pages says that its design will focus on Followers rather than Likes to give creators a more direct measure of their fanbase. This is because the number of followers of a Page shows how many people have received updates. In this context “ Like “button is also being removed.

Another change is the addition of a dedicated News Feed that allows Page owners or administrators to participate in conversations as public figures and interact with their fans. The Pages will also show suggestions for other Pages, public figures, Groups and trending topics. Comments made by the Pages that users follow from now on will appear at the top of the comments section in other posts. Users will also be able to follow the Pages directly from their comments and suggestion posts.

Facebook also adds a Question and Answer section so that page owners can communicate more closely with their followers. The new format also allows followers to ask questions on topics of interest to Page owners.

Improvements are also coming to page management tools. Administrators will be able to manage access permissions for specific people depending on the type of task. Facebook stated that Pages also increased its security and integrity features to block hate speech, violence, sexual or spam content.

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