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Facebook started threatening Apple users


Apple ‘ iOS 14.5 data privacy policy, Facebook’s seems to have a headache for a long time. With the new version iPhone and iPad preventing the unauthorized collection of users’ data, the company prevented the social media giant from sending personalized ads with this move. However, those who earn their income from these ads Facebook, does not seem to give up easily.

According to the claim, the social media giant has not accepted data tracking for the past few days. iPhone and iPad to its users paid is sending threats that it may be.


Verizon According to researches in the USA iPhone and iPad users only 4 percent ′ Facebook, this figure is the highest globally. 12 percent ′. The company, which derives its earnings largely from personal advertisements created with data collected, is in a harder position than ever. According to the information received, the social media giant, who wanted to prevent loss of income, started to resort to a slightly more aggressive options.

Allegedly Apple users have been in the past few days Facebook and Instagram

Frequent getting various notifications while using . “Help us keep Facebook free”

The social media giant, which presses users with the words , asks for data tracking to be approved. This campaign, which is considered too aggressive by many, is interpreted as a threat to make the application paid.


While we wonder how will respond to these latest developments, it is considered certain that the question between the two giants will be brought to court.

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