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Facebook Tests New Dating App Sparked


Within the social media giant Facebook NPE

The team named brings the experimental applications of the company to life and presents them to the users. Finally, the team, who recently signed the Clubhouse and Instagram mix application Hotline, this time with a new dating app came across. “ Sparked

This application named ”has a different operating system than the applications we have seen before.

Sparked connects its users with video calling. The application does not have a public profile, the right or left swipe feature in applications such as Tinder, or private messaging. You are logged in to the application with your Facebook profile and with the people you are matched with. 4 minute video calls you are doing.

Only “kind” people will be able to use the application:

After this four-minute meeting, both parties said, “ if he had a good time ”for a later date or time in the app Another 10-minute call is set. After this meeting, users can share their contact information with each other, if they wish, they can give each other information such as Instagram profile and e-mail address.

The main difference between the new Sparked application and other dating applications is that users’ ”the importance given. Everyone who enters the application for the first time will answer some of the questions they encounter. The answers to these questions are also will be judged not by the algorithm, but by real people in the Sparked team and with this evaluation, it will be decided which users can use the application.

Facebook has not yet released Sparked on the App Store or Google Play Store. Those who want to access the application only to this link by clicking via browser they can access. But after the news of the application spread on the internet, the site became inaccessible. We will learn whether the application will be implemented in real terms or not in the coming days.

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