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Facebook tests ‘read before sharing’ feature


Striving to prevent the spread of false information Facebook announced that it is testing a new feature that will alert users who try to share articles they haven’t actually read. The new feature will play an important role in preventing false posts by just reading the title or guessing the content.

May Interest You Instagram posted a sticker that automatically adds subtitles in Stories See Also. “Apple invested another 45 million dollars in iPhone glass manufacturer Corning”

Read before sharing

Read first then share

When tapping the button to share an article link with the feature, you can You’re about to share this article without opening it. Sharing articles without reading can mean missing important facts.

Welcomes a popup that says . If the warning is under the text ‘ Open Article ‘and’ Continue Sharing

There will be two different options .

“We’re testing a way to encourage more informed sharing of news articles. If you go to share a news article link that you haven’t opened, we’ll show a warning encouraging you to open it and read it before sharing it with others,” Facebook said in a statement.

Using this feature Twitter, thanks to the feature 40% more indicated that the user has opened and read the articles. Facebook is now testing the feature, and a spokesperson said that the test was Facebook for Android users only would apply to 6% said.

https: // www. engadget. com / facebook-read-prompt-193102219. html

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