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Facebook Waged War on Fake Instagram Likes


Facebook, fake Instagram likes brings his issue to court once again. While the company said in a statement that it filed a lawsuit against a person selling Instagram likes and comments, the plaintiff, Instagram states that they find that they sell fake likes and comments to their users and also use automation software with bots to gain followers.

Facebook sued someone selling fake Instagram likes! If that wasn’t enough, it also sued a UK developer for misusing user data.

Facebook’s move does not constitute a single example. The company similarly sued a Spanish developer earlier this year, while earlier suing a New Zealand company in 2019. Now, it is preparing a series of more lawsuits against developers who misuse data or violate terms of service.

Buying likes, comments and followers on Instagram is a method that is frequently used in our country. There are many “companies” that sell followers, support likes and comments on social media. Not only those who use social media individually, but also those who make money from this business and are known as famous from social media phenomena YouTuber, Instagram vowels Twitter For this method, which is applied by many people until their recognition, will the road come to an end or should it come? Share your comments with us below.

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