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Facebook Will Support Those Affected by Negative Body Image


As it is known, social media, especially for many users due to the condition of his body depressing can be a place. While some of the users show that they are at peace with their bodies through their posts, the section we mentioned may even experience psychological difficulties due to the frames they see on social media.

Today, an important announcement for Instagram has been made by Facebook. On Facebook, Instagram ‘ negative body image ‘or’ eating disorder ‘has launched an application to support its users. To inform policies within the scope of this application with experts will also work together.

Facebook, with its new application, to highlight content related to eating disorders will bring experts to the forefront. In other words, content originating from experts will be presented more to users searching for this topic. also for the creation of positive and inspiring body image content to collaborate with community leaders.

Stating that it does not publish content that supports self-harm and eating disorder, Facebook also stated that it allows users to share their experiences and adventures. But for some users, this kind of sharing can be ‘trigger’ was also stated to be aware.

The company, which turned to experts to help these users, concluded that it could be beneficial to generate resources against eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. The company, the resources to be shared within this scope, will be opened for eating disorders in certain countries. helpline contact information announced that it will also take place.

Facebook says that with knowledge from experts, early intervention can be beneficial. search for terms related to irregular eating announced that the resources we mentioned will be displayed. He also said that he will also publish direct-to-source messaging on Instagram in the coming weeks.

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