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Facebook winking at Instagram design


Facebook has been the target of criticism arrows for a while, keeping silent to the protests in the USA. Despite everything, Facebook is trying many new features. Pages that open for celebrities or brands are starting to look like Instagram and Twitter. Facebook Pages

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Facebook Pages design is changing

Social media giants meet their users in different ways by making design changes from time to time. Facebook is also changing the design for Pages. With the new layout, while the number of followers is emphasized, the likes disappear. This view, which is currently in the testing phase, was first used in celebrity accounts.

There are obvious differences when looking at the old and new order. The first of these Instagram and Twitter

As we can see in the layout, the profile photo is highlighted in the middle. In addition, it is seen that naming followers instead of likes.

Look like a profile page. In this new layout, the description of the Page is likened to the biography section of personal profiles. Among the innovations are changes at the back.

Facebook gives certain Page owners or administrators access to new account management features. It is now easier to navigate between personal profiles and public pages, and it is easier to assign and manage administrator access permissions.

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