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Facebook Works For Clubhouse Competitor


CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they are planning to launch various audio products. Facebook, Clubhouse style live sound rooms and new products for users to find and listen to podcasts.

Facebook’s desire to enter the voice market started with the sudden surge of interest in Clubhouse, a voice app that billionaires and celebrities came to chat, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It should also be noted that the Clubhouse application is currently only available for iOS devices and is on the way for Android.

Zuckerberg says the world’s largest social media network plans to release features called “Soundbites” in the coming months, including short-form audio clips and ways to create sound effects or improve sound quality. In addition In a Facebook blog post states that it will start testing live sound chambers, which will start in the summer. It is also among the information that Facebook wants to treat audio as a first-class tool such as photography or video.

The rapid growth of the one-year-old Clubhouse revealed the potential of voice chat services. On the other hand, whether Clubhouse, which has closed a new round of Series C financing, which one resource says is worth $ 4 billion, will continue to power as installations drop. The downloads of the application have dropped by 70 percent from February to March.

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