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Facebook’s New Application Is Coming: What is Bars; What does it do?


Facebook ‘s New Product Trial team last day, which allows rappers to record professionally produced beats and share their performances. Bars application announced. The application allows you to share your rap videos with your followers, post them on another social media account or save them on your phone. The Bars app is currently in beta and you have to queue up to be able to use it.

The application, which has been reported by TechCrunch before, puts it in competition with TikTok. TikTok in December Collab. The Collab app allowed musicians to work together on recordings.

Bars partially eliminates the need for a professional studio and aims to make it easier for users to record and share rap songs. Bars Community Manager DJ Iyer, “ Audio production tools can be complex, expensive, and difficult to use “says and adds:”

With BARS, you can choose one of our professionally created rhythms, write lyrics and record yourself.

The app also aims to offer rappers a way to share performances and interact with other musicians while local venues are closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, since the app is only available for iOS, Android users are excluded for now.

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