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Finally He Blocked Himself: Weird Facebook Bug That Surprised Everyone


Facebook )’s sudden decision to restrict people from reading and sharing the news after a dispute in Australia, albeit undesirable for the social media giant. had an ironic result. According to multiple reports, Facebook also (accidentally) restricted its Facebook page along with many news sources in Australia last Thursday, and the page remained restricted for a long time. After that, the page returned to its original state. But an Australian journalist posted a screenshot on Twitter that captured the Facebook page in limited condition.

Facebook refused to make a statement on the subject. However, this is not the only coincidental consequence of Facebook’s extensive news restrictions. Social media giant, including two official health organizations The Australian government accidentally blocked several pages and cut access to this health information during the coronavirus outbreak.

Facebook began restricting people in Australia from viewing and sharing the news on Thursday in response to government-proposed legislation that forced big tech companies like Facebook and Google to pay for their news content.

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