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Following is Coming to the Android Version of Instagram


One of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Facebook has for a long time Instagram. Developers have been working for a long time to make the platform even better and update their mobile apps frequently. Now emerging information is that Instagram Android

Reveals that an important feature is coming to the version.

Instagram’s upcoming new feature has surfaced via Jane Manchun Wong, who is often the subject of our news. According to Wong’s new discovery iOS, a feature that has existed for a long time in the operating system, will be available to Android users after the work to be done. However, we must clearly state that when users on the Android platform will be able to start using this new feature for now. uncertainty it protects.

iPhone users ‘follow’ users who have been following them for a while. they can remove. Instagram does not offer any restrictions to iPhone users in this regard. Until now, such a feature was unfortunately not available for Android. However, Wong’s discovery Instagram

It shows that will soon offer the same feature for Android users.

With the introduction of the feature, Instagram users on the Android platform can not follow people who follow them. will be able to remove. In this way, users will easily get rid of people they do not want to follow them. Instagram’s upcoming new feature will look like this;

Instagram officials, any statement about the new feature they are working on they did not. However, Wong is notorious for revealing unverified features by reversing application codes. Hence Android platform

We can clearly say that the follower removal feature for is now available and will be offered to users after the studies are completed.

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