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From Influencer to Entrepreneurship: 5 Influencers Achieving Success by Creating Their Own Brands



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We know that influencers with followers around the world are in a frenzy of brand opening. . .

Entering the competitive and challenging business world with a specific target audience and number of followers is of course useful for their business. Initially, influencers who started out by sharing videos, blog posts or sponsored content are now turning their recognition into profitable business ventures. Let’s take a look at the 5 influencers who are entrepreneurs. . .

1. Jeffree Star

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Jeffree Star, known for his different and ambitious make-up, has millions of followers in the social media world. The influencer, who started his career in the field of music, is one of the most influential figures in beauty and makeup and has more than 20 million followers.

Star did not start to be recognized on social media on Youtube contrary to what many people think.

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He started promoting his own music on the MySpace platform in 2006. Jeffree, who gained a certain following here, soon released his first album and even released songs with Nickie Minaj and Kasha.

After taking a break from his music career, he started his YouTube channel, where he became even more famous.

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With 13.6 million followers on YouTube, Jeffree used his love for makeup to create his own brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Many famous brands have been competing to cooperate with him since he founded his own brand. Jeffree collaborates with Morphe, which we know he has loved from these brands for a long time.

Today, she only owns a huge beauty empire and she is one of the most recognizable names in the field.

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Continuing to develop her make-up art and her passion for fashion, Star’s net worth is around 75 million dollars!

2. Nikita dragun

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Another influencer in entrepreneurship is Nikita Dragun. Nikita is one of the famous influencers on YouTube. He has more than 2 million followers on Youtube.

Nikita Dragun is a fashion lover and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California in 2014 to learn more about it.

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Shortly after that, she started to be recognized in the field of makeup and beauty on YouTube and Instagram platforms.

The influencer, known for its different style, soon attracted the attention of brands and started collaborations.

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He made his own line of synthetic wigs with Bellami Hair and created a lipstick collection in collaboration with Morphe.

Nikita, whose collaborations with brands are quite popular, came out with her own brand Dragun Beauty after working for a year.

started the Nikita brand with skin products. We would also like to point out that their products are vegan and curelty-free.

3. Jamie Laing

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Jamie, a reality television show star and influencer, is another name sold to entrepreneurship. While establishing his brand, his visibility in the television program must have helped him a lot. Jamie’s brand, who started his business while taking part in the BAFTA-winning “Made in Chelsea” show, is about a product that most of us love. . . Candy!

Jamie aims to offer a wider range of flavors while maintaining quality with the Candy Kittens brand.

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The company also produces products for children and adults, as well as vegan and gluten-free products. This ensures that their products are appreciated by many different people.

Candy Kittens’ website sells bags, notebooks and accessories as well as candies.

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This increases Jamie’s success and product range, of course.

Jamie’s success in entrepreneurship is not surprising given that he is the grandson of the founder of the famous biscuit and snack brand Mcvities.

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Laing is on its way to becoming a global influencer through its YouTube podcast, Private Parts, as well as its entrepreneurship. He has 75.9 thousand subscribers.

4. Holly boon

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In addition to the big names in the sector, influencers with smaller followers also enter entrepreneurship and create their own brands. Since they already have a mass of followers on social media, they are establishing their brands to grow their business through their brands. Holly Boon is one of these influencers.

Holly’s brand is a brand for makeup and beauty, and her name is HNB Cosmetics.

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Holly has close to 450 thousand followers on Instagram and her YouTube videos have close to 40 million views in total. Starting with simple makeup and fashion videos, Holly’s popularity is increasing day by day.

After reaching a certain audience on social media, he started to collaborate with a number of brands like other influencers.

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Later, Holly decided to expand her business and started selling her own brand’s products, starting with synthetic false eyelashes and type gloss products on her website.

5. Imogen hudson

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With more than 300 thousand followers on YouTube and a total of 25 million views, Imogen is one of the influencers with a relatively small audience. He is also the founder of Hunny Cosmetics. Imogen has been recognized for her make-up tutorial videos, brand reviews and promotional videos. This has led to increased recognition on social media while pursuing entrepreneurial projects.

Imogen offers the products of its brand to its followers on its website.

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