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Getting money from Instagram is getting easier


Today, when it comes to making money from social media, producing content for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram comes to mind. While YouTube offers the opportunity to earn money through direct viewing without collaborating with any brand, gifts sent via live streams on TikTok are a great revenue generator.

Last year, the badge system was introduced so that Instagram users can earn income directly from the platform. To put it in the simplest form: those who watch the live broadcast can support the broadcaster by purchasing a badge.

Instagram badge system made available to more users

In the first place, it was offered to the use of more than 50 thousand content producers in many countries, including Turkey Live Broadcast Badges ‘feature has been expanded and delivered to more users in recent days.

When users purchase a badge, an icon appears next to their name. This makes it easier for the publisher to see the people who buy the badges and their messages.

There is no clear criterion determined by Instagram for the “Badges on Live” feature. However, users with high followers are given priority.

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