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Half a billion Facebook users’ personal information leaked


One user on a low-level hacker forum, millions Facebook shared the user’s phone number and personal information for free. Total number of affected users, while sharing information of users from 106 countries 533 million.

Information disclosed includes phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, attractions, birthdays, bio information and, in some cases, e-mail addresses. 32 million of the disclosed users live in the USA, 11 million in the UK and 6 million in India.

Insider confirmed the information

Following his research on the subject, Insider analyzed the leaked information and made a comparison with known Facebook user information. that they have verified the leaked information explained. In addition, e-mail addresses can be used for account reset.

The information that comes out may not directly cause your account to be compromised, but cybercriminals may use this information specifically imitating others or to steal login information. It is likely that there will be an increase in phishing attacks during this period.

Security experts can help cybercriminals with data of this size. social engineering or hacking states that it can make transactions. Facebook, on the other hand, prefers to leave the questions unanswered for now.

Facebook has had the same problem for years

First, a boat in 2020, for a fee Learning the phone numbers of Facebook users provided. In 2019, the information of millions of people was collected from Facebook databases. This deficit was resolved in August 2019.

Facebook before Cambridge Analytica

After the scandal, he had promised not to allow big data cracking efforts. Recent developments show that it is not possible to say that the social media giant can keep its promise.

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