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Hiding Instagram Post Likes Test


Over the past few months Instagram was working to make some adjustments to the number of likes on the platform. Hiding like counts

Adam Mosseri, the manager of the platform aiming at , officially announced that users can hide their likes if they want, thanks to a new test feature.

Last year, the platform, which hides these numbers in some users so that the number of likes does not affect the frequency of sharing, took action to renew the feature upon the results. Now the control of the feature passes to the users.

Number of likes can be hidden on Instagram

Making statements about the new feature Mosseri stated that some people are happy not to see their like numbers, but not everyone likes it. For this reason, he announced that they started to test the new feature.

The new feature is mainly about hiding like numbers. three different alternatives. The first of these alternatives is to use Instagram without any changes, as we know it

continue to use . Thus, people who want to can enjoy Instagram as they are used to.

In the second alternative, users the number of likes on their own posts. Users can perform this hiding process either while sharing or after sharing.

Another alternative is in the application. hide all like counts. Instagram users who prefer this feature will not see the counter under the posts, and will not have an idea about the number of likes and likes.

A similar system can also come to Facebook.

Mosseri has not yet disclosed the details of the new feature test. In which regions where tests will be done, it is not yet clear who can participate in the tests. Still, Instagram and its roof firm Facebook are quite insistent on this feature.

It was pointed out that a similar feature can be tested for Facebook. Some before Facebook

Likes were hidden in posts.

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