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How Big Are GAFAM Companies Actually?


Smartphones, search engines and social media: Internet has become one of the most vital tools for communication, information and entertainment in today’s globalizing world. Technological advances continue to accelerate the digitalization of modern life, but this only a few players dominate: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft.

What brings these companies to the agenda is From Presidency Digital Transformation Office made a description. Presidential Digital Transformation Office Head Ali Taha Koç’s statement, saying “Turkey’s data will remain in Turkey” “The world is bigger than GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsof)” brought with it some controversy.

How big are the GAFAM companies targeted by the Presidency?

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft leads among the world’s most influential global technology companies. By using its dominant power in the sector competition prevented allegations sued many times, brand value also holds a huge power in their hands.

If we go through a few examples, the e-commerce giant Amazon became one of the companies with a market value of over $ 1 trillion as of 2020. Rapidly expanding its digital dominance beyond the borders of Silicon Valley Apple in 2019 260 billion announced an incredible income in excess of US dollars. Apple’s most important competitor in the US in the operating system market Microsoft in 2020 the most successful year in company history spent.

Similarly Google and Facebook continues to lead the search and social networking areas, thanks to the ever-increasing number of users and revenues from advertising. These companies, which have the two most visited websites worldwide, are able to multiply their revenues and effects on the internet is expanding every day.

How much is GAFAM’s total market value?

The 5 companies in GAFAM also form the basis of the American markets. Combined market value of the top 5 companies in the S & P 500 index, where 500 major American companies are listed $ 7.5 trillion exceeds. The current market values ​​of the companies are as follows:

  • Google (Alphabet) – $ 1.37 trillion
  • Amazon – $ 1.56 trillion
  • Facebook – $ 733.2 billion
  • Apple – $ 2.04 trillion
  • Microsoft – $ 1.75 trillion

GAFAM companies are unrivaled in the technology industry:

The growth of these companies, which form the powerhouse of the technology industry, and unrivaled market dominance has important implications for both users and internet architecture in general. To give an example, this type of oligopoly in the markets It is observed that the competition is decreasing and as a result the product range is gradually decreasing.

The incredible power focused on these 5 companies, many times before, antitest to actions also led. Only from 2017 to 2019, the EU Commission was responsible for anti-competitive behavior. $ 8 billion to Google

on money penalty. Other companies faced billions of dollars in fines for similar reasons.

Highlights of GAFAM companies:

  • Google’s global revenues in 2020 $ 181.7 billion exceeded.
  • Google, as of 2020 search engine market holds more than 90%.
  • Amazon’s global net revenues in 2020 $ 386 billion.
  • Facebook’s global revenues in 2020 for $ 86 billion endured.
  • Apple’s global brand value, $ 352.1 billion.
  • Apple’s global revenues in fiscal year 2020 $ 274.52 billion reached.
  • Microsoft’s global revenues in 2020 $ 143 billion exceeded.
  • Microsoft, as of December 2020 desktop operating system market dominates 76.56%.

Well, what do you think about the dominance of these 5 companies, abbreviated as GAFAM, in the technology sector? Do you think that such growth of companies kills the competition? Your ideas reviews

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