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How to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram

How to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram

You can increase the number of your followers with simple methods on Instagram, the social media platform that allows its users to interact with photos.

The follower growth in Instagram accounts may stop after a certain point or fall below the desired. Regular sharing is often not enough to increase the number of followers on Instagram. For this reason, you should try new methods to increase the number of followers and strengthen the interaction with the users.

You can increase the number of followers on Instagram with the simple methods below.

1. Use popular hashtags.

Hashtags are of great importance for social media marketing. These words, which are an integral part of social media, help users research a specific topic or content and share their opinions.

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Using popular hashtags on Instagram, you can find people other than your followers or have them find you. The point you should pay attention to is that the popular hashtags you will use are related to your marketing strategy and target audience. You also need to consider the possibility that when you use very popular hashtags, the photos you share will get lost among a large number of posts.

You can use the Tagboard tool to find related popular hashtags on Instagram. The tool will also help you find hashtags on Facebook, Google+ and other social networks.


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2. Use the appropriate number of hashtags.

Hashtags increase the interaction in social networks. Although it is not possible to use many hashtags due to the 140-character requirement on Twitter, users are more fortunate on Instagram. The platform allows a large number of hashtags to be used.

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You can start by using as many hashtags as you want to determine the most suitable number for you and reach the number that will give you the best interaction with the experiments.

3. Connect your Instagram account with Facebook.

If you link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can promote both of your accounts together. You can also share your Instagram photos with your Facebook fans.

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Instagram is a platform compatible with Facebook as well as other social networks such as Twitter and Tumblr; You can use it to share your photos and videos with your followers on other social networks.

4. Like other people’s photos.

Liking other people’s photos on Instagram is one of the best ways to gain new followers. By liking other people’s photos, you can interact with other users. In addition, as you will increase your visibility on the platform, the likelihood of people following you increases.

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5. Strengthen existing interaction.

Remind your existing fans, followers and email subscribers that you have an Instagram account. You can use the Instagram Badge (Profile Badge), add the follow buttons of your social network accounts to your website, ask your email subscribers and followers on other networks to follow you on Instagram.

6. Share your Instagram photos on your blog.

Sharing your Instagram photos on your website or blog will increase the likelihood of visitors following you on Instagram. The photos you share from your Instagram account to your website will show your username and users will be able to go to your account by clicking on the photo. If your content is shared, it will reach more people.

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7. Leave kind comments.

Liking other people’s photos is as important to increasing the number of Instagram followers; It is equally important to comment on other people’s photographs politely and sincerely. When you comment on other people’s photos, people will be more willing to interact and get to know you.

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Stating why you like the photo in the comments will differentiate your comment from other similar comments. Don’t forget to ask the people you comment with to follow you. Methods like these are actually unchanging and valid ways in many social media. You can also review our Twitter follower increase article and learn what you can do for different social media platforms.

8. Filters are important.

The most preferred filters for Instagram photos are Normal and Valenda. However, these filters do not really contribute to increasing interactivity. The Instagram report by TrackMaven reveals that Mayfair, #NoFilter and Inkwell are the highest engagement filters.

9. Interact with your competitors’ followers.

Reaching your competitors’ followers is a good method to gain targeted new followers. Liking the photos of these people, leaving comments or starting to follow them will provide successful feedback. You can also interact with people from other industries suitable for your target audience.

With these simple steps that will enable you to increase the number of followers on Instagram, you can benefit from the interaction and marketing opportunities offered by Instagram and convey your messages to your target audience.

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