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How to Silence Offensive Stories on Instagram?


Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks from time to time if you are actively using it from incoming notifications It is natural for you to complain. You follow person number and your posts frequency, the number of notifications from such applications is increasing significantly.

Android or on iOS There are many methods of blocking notifications. But when you enter the application, this situation actually continues. So some people who post excessively can be annoying, especially Instagram Stories section. To prevent this, special story blocking

You can use .

Instagram Stories mute

get press and hold your finger on the story of the person you want and ‘Hide the Story’

Click the button. That is all. But here is an option where you can hide the posts if you want. These two options actually continue to follow the person and prevents you from seeing the content he shares.

To see which accounts you have muted Settings / Privacy / Muted Accounts

You can follow the path .

You can also use the profile options to undo the action. Mute

Just click the button and remove the check tick.

With this method, without removing any person or page from your follow list stories. So you can continue to see the posts. But if you want, you can also block the posts as in the previous photo and keep the same person or page in your follower list. The choice is yours.

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