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Influencers Trying To Turn Every Agenda In Their Favor, Turning Their Face Masks Into Underwear Reacts


Bari if you would take a break this time.

Social media has made some people, if not everyone, really insensitive and focused only on likes / followers.

Otherwise, why would they pose in front of the concentration camps where the Nazis carried out the Holocaust and go to the area where the Chernobyl accident took place and party?

The coronavirus agenda could not survive without materials for influencers.

Of course, there would also be those who tried to benefit from this epidemic, in which the whole world was in panic at the same time. It happened that way, different currents immediately spread on social media.

There is nothing left about the toilet paper. After everything was tried, there were also those who wore it as laundry.

Now there is a trend to wear protective masks on the body, such as underwear or bikini.

Even healthcare professionals who did similar things for entertainment years ago probably did not foresee today.

Instagram models spent this way on masks and used even such a serious issue to be liked.

While many people in the world, even healthcare professionals, have difficulty reaching masks right now, it is sad to use masks in this way.

The term “covidiot” is used for influencers who use masks to be sexy in social media.

For the full expansion of Covidiot term

Let’s see, what definitions will social media bring to our lives?

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