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Instagram is copying another feature of TikTok



Competition between and popular short-form video formats continues to heat up. Social media giant Facebook, in August last year Alternative to TikTok

rated Instagram Reels

It had introduced feature.

Instagram announced today that it has released the Remix feature for Reels. Remix

With people will be able to create their own Reels video, side by side with an existing Reels video.

Instagram launches Remix feature for Reels

Instagram is copying another feature of TikTok. On Instagram, users can now rearrange a Reels, meaning they can upload their own video next to the original clip. This feature is already, “duet”

By the name , it is often quite popular for dance competitions in TikTok.

To use the Remix feature:

  • Find a Reels video you like
  • Enter the menu from the three dots icon and click “Remix this Reel”
  • The screen will be split in half with the original Reels video on one side, here shoot your own Reels video mutually
  • Adjust sound settings after saving
  • Edit and share whatever you want.

Only newly installed with this new feature Reels

Remix feature will be available on videos. Live Rooms, Instagram emphasizing that interactive features such as questionnaire and question in stories, Augmented Reality are an important part of people’s Instagram experiences, Remix

The feature aims to offer people new ways to interact with new trends and content producers and produce creative content.

What is Instagram Reels?


with Instagram allows users to share and edit short videos with audio and music. The length of these short videos is 15 seconds. Users will be able to share these short videos in their stories, as well as in a special tab on their profile. Reels videos.

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