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Instagram launches new pronoun feature


Social media application Instagram, with its new feature part of specifying a special pronoun adds. Many users already specified their gender in their profiles. But Instagram, for this a separate section reserved. So users who want, pronouns had the opportunity to be displayed separately from their profiles.

The application is currently available in several countries, but will soon be available in many countries.

With the Instagram pronoun feature, the option to indicate your gender comes

Instagram shared its new feature with a Twitter post. Everyone gender does not feel the need to share or specify. However, users who do this have become so common that Instagram in profiles for gender separate domain decided to do it. Thus, users can view the profile description. longer holding capability have. The gender selected appears in a paler tone next to the username.

To set your pronoun, go to your profile page, “Edit Profile”

Click . Then listed for the pronouns field from the options choose the one that suits you best. Instagram pronoun feature write what they want is blocking. Pronouns for now four options

Limited to . However, in the future, Instagram will more options.

Users who do not want to share their gender openly with everyone, to show only followers also has it. The feature is restricted to a few countries, including the United States for now. However, in the future, this feature for many countries is expected to be available.

In recent years, many people, different orientations or genders is waiting for acceptance in social media applications. Most social media application also started to pay attention to this. Users without putting themselves in certain patterns to be able to define as they want is among the features expected from social media applications around the world.

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