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Instagram Offers the Opportunity to Save Live Broadcasts to IGTV


Many people, especially artists and celebrities, to keep in touch with their fans and viewers. Live stream of Instagram

Started using feature. In this way, Instagram, which wants to prevent these people from getting distance from their audience and their fans, continues to work on new features and make its users happy.

Social media giant Instagram, which has taken important steps in cyberbullying that has emerged with the introduction of social media into our lives recently, announced 3 new features that will prevent such initiatives. These features, which will be very useful especially for users with a large number of followers, were appreciated by the users. It seems like Instagram won’t be content with these features.

Live streams can be recorded on IGTV:

Instagram will make its users with more followers happy with a new post it makes from its official Twitter account. announced a new feature. The feature, which will be activated as of today, has already been liked by many users.

Thanks to the next update, musicians around the world, broadcasters who broadcast questions / answers on live broadcast and many more users, especially now, live broadcasts. will be able to archive for more than 24 hours. In this way, followers will be able to access the content more easily again.

You can reach the announcement made by Instagram from this link. Note that you need to switch to the latest version of the application in order to use the new feature. You can also download the Android and iOS versions of the application from the links below. Are you satisfied with the innovations that Instagram has to offer? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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