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Instagram phenomenon information leaked


It makes good sense to store contact information in a database. However, it is also very important to protect this database correctly. Password protection turns out to be a good security measure here. But, Instagram

Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about this measure for . Instagram phenomena was also the last victim of this.

Danger bell rang for Instagram phenomena

Instagram phenomena

The information in the database containing the contact details leaked. The reason is that the company does not protect this database with a password. Anyone who finds out where this database is stored can access the information with any pirated application or password cracking program. According to the latest information, there are more than 49 million pieces of information in the database.

Among the information stored in the database, publicly visible information such as profile photos, number of followers and biography information are stored. However, these include private information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Databases were taken offline after these news was revealed. Making a statement on the subject Instagram parent company Facebook, announced that they were interested in the issue to find out whether the resulting data, including email addresses and phone numbers, originated from Instagram or any other source.

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