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Instagram Takes New Measures Against Cyber ​​Bullying


The social media giant that has previously taken important steps to stop cyberbullying Instagram announced new features to be brought to the platform today. By highlighting the positive comments by throwing negative comments into the background wants to provide users with a better experience, the company also adds new control features that allow you to manage who can tag you on the platform and mention you in the comments. This is also cyberbullying is another important step taken to prevent it.

The first of the new features, the ability to manage negative comments, is especially targeted to users with more followers. As you know, it is not easy to control negative comments as your number of followers increases. Instagram has long been testing a feature that will allow account holders to delete chunk comments. In this way, accounts that are constantly harassing users with a high number of followers through fake accounts can be effectively muted.

Received positive feedback from beta users:

Hoping that this solution will be effective as a result of positive feedback from beta users Instagram is preparing to share the feature with mobile users. From the icon in the upper right corner after clicking on a comment on the iOS platform ‘Manage Comments’

You can use the feature by selecting . Thus, you can delete negative content up to 25 comments at a time. You can block or restrict the accounts of the commenters by clicking on ‘More Options’. On the Android platform, you can only perform these features by holding down the comment.

Another feature is the ‘Pinned Comments’ feature, which will soon be available to test users. This is especially the social media giant that wants to highlight positive comments, thus aiming to provide more positive social interaction to its users. Once the feature is launched, account owners will be able to make the positive reviews they choose visible.

Instagram, which wants its users to be happier and more in control of the platform thanks to the aforementioned innovations, continues to work without slowing down. In addition to these innovations, the last feature expected to come is that users both tagging as well as mentions to be able to determine its own limitations. That is, as a user, you will be able to identify the people who can tag or mention you somewhere as ‘Everyone’, ‘Only Followed’ or ‘Nobody’.

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