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Instagram takes precautions against Corona virus with its new move


Instagram has become one of the social media platforms that are used much more actively after the Corona virus. This process, which started when famous figures warned people to stay at home with live broadcasts, is now the scene of live broadcast concerts. In addition, the giant social media platform takes its own precautions against the use of the mobile application so much. As the Instagram Corona virus move, Instagram Stories StayHome tag launched.

Instagram Corona virus move: StayHome tag

Instagram made a new move against the Corona virus. The tag, which is intended to promote social distancing, is currently in the tags section of the Instagram Stories section. #StayHome comes first with its name. Considering the number of people reached by people with a high number of followers, Stories shared with this tag become important in terms of raising awareness among users.

In order to increase awareness, Instagram advances many of its moves from the tags in the Stories section. Thanks to this feature used by millions of people, visibility is increased. At this point, the company, which adds the hashtag #StayHome to its Instagram Stories section, wants to reduce the spread of the epidemic.

Many people spend more time at home due to canceled concerts and events. For this reason, social media platforms are also making new moves to increase the awareness of people.

As you know, the Instagram Corona virus recently took steps for AR filters and removed these filters.

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