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Instagram Will Show Ads Between Reels Videos


World’s largest social media company Facebook announced that it will start testing some new features on Instagram with its own platform. In this context, the company that will start to test the ads that users already know in Reels, one of the new features of Instagram, is on Facebook. a brand new advertising technique will start testing. Let’s take a closer look at these ads.

Instagram’s Reels in videos to start showing ads was actually a matter of time. Because the company was already showing advertisements between stories and posts. According to the statements made on the subject, users on Instagram Reels reaching 30 seconds will be able to encounter advertising videos. Users will be able to comment, like, and even save and share these advertisements on their own accounts.

Ads to be tested on Facebook will be in posts

According to the statements made by Facebook, the ads to be displayed on Facebook “ sticker “. This type of ad, which can also be used by users, will be added to a post or a story. The user will see a small image like a sticker in the post, and when the user enters this post and makes a purchase. to post owner will earn a small commission.

When the company’s new advertising features will be available in the explanations made on the subject. not disclosed. However, ads to be added to Reels videos, in the coming days Will begin testing with users in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia. If the sticker ads that will come to Facebook in a few weeks Will be tested with some users.

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