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It turns out that Apple has set up a special team to fight counterfeits


Apple in a new interview with Bloomberg with fake accessories talked about his struggle. A special company within the Cupertino company that focuses solely on identifying counterfeit products and preventing their sale. your expert team.

This team at Apple is only last year listed on various online platforms including Facebook and Instagram from 1 million reportedly removed too many counterfeit products. In the statement made on the subject, the following statements were made:

“Our customers security is our top priority and the risks associated with counterfeit products can be very serious. Law enforcement, vendors, social media companies and companies around the world to remove counterfeit products from the market e-commerce sites

We have a dedicated team of experts working constantly with . Last year, more than 1 million from online marketplaces, including Facebook and Instagram fake Apple product

We struggled with removing the ad. “

In Bloomberg’s report, especially the fake that exploded and harmed users to chargers emphasis is placed on. You can buy most of these accessories on social media and on AliExpress very low prices available to purchase. For example the price of fake AirPods Pro $ 25, if fake MagSafe chargers $ 5.

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