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It Will Be A Rival To The Clubhouse With Facebook Hotline Application


Facebook Clubhouse has started testing its rival Hotline app. Facebook Hotline enables creators to organize Q&A events. At the same time, content creators can use not only sound but also image.

Clubhouse has become one of the most popular applications of the last period. The voice-based social media application, which is now available to iOS users and announced that the Android application will be released in a few days, has managed to attract the attention of other social media platforms. With its Twitter Spaces feature, it rivaled the Clubhouse with its Discord Stage Channels feature. It was said recently that Facebook would also be a rival to Clubhouse. Now, the company’s NPE Team team has taken an important step in this regard.

Instagram Live and Clubhouse mix

Facebook’s internal R&D group NPE Team started testing the Facebook Hotline. The web-based application allows content creators to answer questions via text or voice. In addition, it offers not only a sound-based but also an image-based experience like Clubhouse. That’s why Facebook Hotline is described as a mix of Instagram Live and Clubhouse. The application also allows users to log in with Twitter.

Facebook has not made an official statement about the date the Hotline will be available to everyone. On the other hand, although Hotline appears to be a competitor of Clubhouse, the application is said to be a different product from the Clubhouse competitor, which has been developed by Facebook and whose screenshots have appeared in recent weeks. However, there is no clear information on this subject.

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