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LinkedIn After Facebook: Data of 500 Million People Stolen


500 million users’ information was stolen from LinkedIn, the social media platform established for professionals. Last week, data was leaked from another social media giant Facebook.

This time, the address of the attack is LinkedIn, which is designed for professionals.

Hackers who posted on the forums said they had the information of 500 million users. Hackers shared a sample of 2 million users’ information to provide evidence for the data.

The list of 2 million people, consisting of four separate files, includes users’ names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, work information and much more.

A fee of $ 2 is required to view the sample. It was stated that a four-digit fee offer is expected to buy the entire 500 million list.

What information is leaked?

  • LinkedIn profile names

  • Real names

  • E-mail addresses

  • Telephone numbers

  • Gender

  • Linked to LinkedIn

  • Other social media accounts linked to LinkedIn

  • Professional titles and other working information

Facebook users’ information was stolen last week

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