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Little 1-year-old Instagram phenomenon Kobe


Not everybody can get enough of watching with sympathy lately 1-year-old Intagram phenomenon little chef Kobe became famous on Instagram from a very early age. Instagram account where culinary adventures are shared to 1.5 million followers in a short time reached.

Kobe, who makes faces smile on Instagram, which has an important role in spending time at home, attracts great attention even though he is only 12 months old.

Little Chef Kobe, 1 year old Instagram phenomenon

A tiny baby has recently come across everyone who uses Instagram and does not use it. This doll, whose name is Kobe, has become a phenomenon with the meals she has made with her mother in the kitchen.

Kobe, very similar to the baby Bink in the 1994 film Baby Breakout, continues to prove that he is the smallest and most sympathetic chef in the world.

The little chef, who appears with the changing chef hat and apron in all his videos, despite his age not messing up and with meticulous work makes him look fascinated.

Little Kobe gets carried away so sweetly that he makes little trials of the ingredients at the stage of making the meal or dessert and eats it with pleasure. Kobe, who cannot understand us very much in these days of troubling days, both himself and his followers incredibly entertains.

Kobe’s Instagram account, which opened at the end of February, had only 200 followers until April 15. In a short time, Instagram phenomenon little chef Kobe, his account that first reached 500 thousand followers with his sweetness and sympathy, today 1. 5 million followers

It has reached .

Ashley Wian, the mother of little chef Kobe, in an interview with CNN; “Cooking is just one of many things Kobe does at home. He has a lot of fun doing this. So I decided to shoot the videos to share with our friends and family. Found in the statement.

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